Each year, thousands of sheet metal workers suffer injuries at the workplace, which could have been prevented with CutPRO® Cut Resistant Clothing.

Sheet metal fabrication around the globe involves creating and handling often very large and thin sheets of metal for a variety of purposes. Sheet metal can be thin sheets of steel, aluminium, or other metal that is used in manufacturing, construction, air conditioning or other applications.


Cut Resistant Clothing | Facts & Figures

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics there are 4.5 million reported injuries in the metal manufacturing industry each year in the United States alone.

It is an established fact that many of the most common and usually preventable injuries are cuts and lacerations. We know that statistical data can vary from study to study, however, cuts usually rank as the second most frequent injury. Approximately a third of all workplace injuries within the sheet metal industry include cuts or laceration. Any of such injuries can lead to rapid blood loss, infected wounds, dermatitis, psychological trauma and even amputations.

But please also aware that even minor instances can result in the injured person requiring medical attention and being off work for several days.

The following is taken from the UK’s HSE Guide to handling sharp metal information sheet (engineering sheet no.16):

“Injuries resulting from the manual handling of objects and materials with sharp edges are common in the engineering industry. Data from firms show that as many as a third of all injuries recorded are caused by cuts from sharp metal during handling”.

The International Labour Organization is stating:

“Special attention should be paid to the hazard of cuts to workers in strip and sheet rolling mills. Such injuries are not only caused by the thin rolled metal, but also by the metal straps used on coils, which may break during handling and constitute a serious hazard”.

It is estimated there are over 130,000 sheet metal workers in the U.S. alone. The quality and performance of their preferred cut resistant clothing can and will without any question make a significant difference to their personal safety and the severity of injury during an accident.

We urge you to do thoroughly investigate the true performance of any cut resistant clothing you consider purchasing and issuing to your workers.

The fact of the matter is that many producers and resellers are making totally unsubstantiated claims in terms of performance and origin of the garments of raw fabrics being used. Please ask for certification and the official test reports, declaration of origin and preferably a real-life physical demonstration.

In my humble yet genuine professional opinion, I believe CutPRO® Cut Resistant Clothing (produced in the EU) made from 100% Cut-Tex PRO high performance cut resistant fabric (made in the UK) is the very best possible choice for those handling sheet metal.

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