Cut and slash resistant clothing has been developed following thousands of cut and slash related injuries at all sorts of different workplaces around the world.

One particular group of professionals at risk are the ones who protect and serve our countries, and this include especially all homeland security professionals, e.g. law enforcement and correctional officers.

The objective of UK based PPSS Group was not just to create a fabric and clothing which protects a person but also to allows him or her to continue to do the work they are doing with a minimum of discomfort and mobility restriction.

Following two years of extensive research, Cut-Tex® PRO, a tested and certified ISO 13997:1999 blade cut resistance level 5 (the highest possible) and ASTM F-1790 blade cut resistance level 4 fabric was introduced to the public about two years ago”, Robert Kaiser.

With an incredible cut protection performance of 27.8 Newton, and outstanding high levels of tear and abrasion resistance, Cut-Tex® PRO cut and slash resistant fabric became ‘the goalpost.

Offering this high performance cut and slash resistant raw fabric Cut-Tex PRO to uniform and tactical apparel manufacturers, means enabling them to incorporate this high performance material into tactical clothing and uniforms, especially vulnerable areas that really require such level of protection.  We have no doubt that this would effectively help protect the wearer from potentially horrendous cut injuries or even death.

In my professional opinion all homeland security professionals, dealing regularly with potentially aggressive, hostile and intoxicated members of the public operate in a reasonably high risk environment. The risk of workplace violence related cut and slash injuries is real!

I strongly suggest that especially the following four areas and arteries require such level of added protection from edged weapon:

The matter of fact is though, that injuries will always occur as long as human being exists.

The focus or concentration of any professional can be compromised by a number of variables e.g. personal circumstances, such amount of sleep, health and even how much an individual enjoys their job role.

Cut-Tex® PRO or any type of protective clothing made out of Cut-Tex PRO can act as a great safety net when the concentration of such professional is compromised, or when he is faced by a hostile member of the public.

Cut-Tex® PRO is now being manufactured under strict ISO 9001:2008 at a strictly confidential manufacturing facility in the heart of England.

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